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The Oxazolidine Building Block Program of Spezialchemie

Unique tools for synthesis of chiral pharmaceuticals

Dr Erdsack Spezialchemie has an out-standing experience in the field of multi-step synthesis by use of chiral oxazolidines. Starting from a specific serinal equivalent commonly referred to as Garner’s aldehyde, a plenty of tailored chiral products like amino acids, amino sugars and many other are accessible. Spezialchemie has coupled this chemistry with the synthetic advantage of allenic intermediates, producing α-chiral amino acids bearing five-membered rings. Also, substituted Tetrahydrofuro[3,2-b]furan-2(5H)-ones with four chiral carbon atoms were also synthesized by this way.

4 Moleküle Program

The non-availability of oxazolidine building blocks, especially for larger-scale applications, might result in an untenable effort to industrial and academic scientists by distracting them from their primary tasks. Spezialchemie fill a gap by providing oxazolidine building blocks nearly independently from their substitution pattern, even on a larger scale. Furthermore, aromatic building blocks and custom made intermediates for pharmaceutical drugs, agrochemicals, and material science are a definite part of our program.

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